Documentation/Data Download

Below are links to all software and data sources used in our research in running the VELMA watershed model. Documentation is available in a PDF format for download with step-by-step instructions for data pre-processing and VELMA set up. Additional documentation will be added as it is written. Sample data of the 4 tested watersheds is also available for download, allowing users to run VELMA with real data and minimal set up.


VELMA – Newest Version: This is the newest version of VELMA. Please note that documentation refers to this version.
VELMA EPA Website: VELMA 2.0 Model software, VELMA 2.0 User Manual, etc.
BlueSpray Website: GIS Software used for DEM Flat Processing
LandTrendr: Software used for obtaining Tree Age and Cover Data
USGS WaterWatch: Daily Streamflow/Gauge Station Data
NOAA Climate Data: Daily Temperature and Precipitation Data
DayMet Data: Daily Temperature and Precipitation Data
Soil Web Survey: Soil Data


Data Overview
Parameters/Data needed and File Types

Digital Elevation Model
Getting a DEM and Pour Point for VELMA 2.0
Getting a DEM and Pour Point for VELMA 2.0 (Condensed Version)

Gauge Station / Flow
Getting Gauge Station Data for VELMA 2.0
Gauge Station cfs to mm Calculator

Precipitation and Temperature
Getting Precip and Temp Data for VELMA 2.0

Cover Species ID, Cover Species Age, Chemistry Pools/Steam Chemistry
The Cover Species ID, Age, and Chemistry Pools data for our project were generated using LandTrendr. Visit the LandTrendr website for more information.

Soil Data
For our project we classified all pixels as sandy loam. If you would like to create a more detailed soil map, you can refer to the EPA’s Soil Data Mapping and Parameter Initialization instructions.

Running VELMA
Running Sample Data with VELMA 2.0


Contains all pre-processed data files, the newest version of VELMA, and a VELMA XML configuration.
Eel River Watershed (link to download all Data files)
Russian River Watershed (In Progress)
Noyo Watershed (link to download all Data files)
Trinity Watershed (link to download all Data files)